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Add-on Treatments

Bright Glow is a place to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere to restore

your mind, body, and soul. Add on your favorite treatment and

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Create your own specialized treatment with the "add-on" of your choice.


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Mesoporation Skin Rejuvenation and Hydration

ADD ON to any treatment for $35
Anti-Aging , Rejuvenation, Brightening


Melt away forehead lines, crow’s feet, smoker lines and dark circles. Plump up the volume in your lips and say goodbye to stretch marks.  Welcome to NEEDLE FREE! No needles, no trauma, no down time Infusion Facial Technology. Take advantage of state-of-the-art skin rejuvenation with the latest technology. During the infusion process, pores stay open only long enough to infuse active ingredients while a gentle current flow allows 70% of vitamins and serums to be injected directly into the cells. Once locked in, the electrical field is shut down and new collagen and elastin fibers are born, bringing a new and healthier glow to the skin.


Ultra Glow Vitamin Infusion Ultrasound Treatment 

ADD ON to any treatment for $20
Hydration and Brightening 

Wake up your skin. Deeply revive and restore your skin using special frequency micro-electro pulses that travel within your dermal layer for a deeper penetration of your favorite serums in addition to a boost of Vitamin C. With the infusion of powerhouse ingredients and vitamins, your skin will be revitalized and super hydrated giving incredible illumination results. A perfect add on to any facial.

LED Lights

Red, Green, and Blue Light LED Therapy

ADD ON to any treatment $20
Blemish Control, Anti-Aging, Sensitive Skin

Red Light Therapy

Give your skin an anti-aging boost with Red Light Therapy. Red light stimulation increases metabolic activity while stimulating superficial circulation to speed up the process of any anti-aging treatment leaving your skin tightened creating healthier skin.

Green Light Therapy
Green Light known as the calming wavelength of light. This treatment will calm your skin and create balance, reduce redness. The calming effect of this wavelength is known for having anti-inflammatory properties that also works to reduce hyperpigmentation. Great for sensitive skin, rosacea, and other inflammatory conditions. Add on alone or, combine with other lights to further rejuvenate your skin.

Blue Light Therapy
Blue Light Therapy kills most bacteria with its wavelength. Say goodbye to inflammatory acne as you use this treatment. The light energy will also stimulate the tightening of the pores reducing oiliness in the skin having a rejuvenation affect. A perfect add on to our acne treatment.

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Cryo Cooling Treatment

ADD ON to any treatment $20
Anti-Aging, Hydration

Tighten and tone your skin with Cyro Infusion Therapy. During this process you will experience a combination of hot and cold technologies to open pores before cleansing, galvanic infusion for deep serum penetration and Cyro cooling for advanced skin toning. This procedure will actively cleanse, firm and hydrate your skin leaving you will refine pours, even skin tone, hydrate and improve texture. A perfect 3-in-1 add on.


Microcurrent Gloves Uplifting Facial Massage
ADD ON to any treatment $20


Give your face, neck, and decollate the ultimate workout. Using gentle and safe microcurrent technology, the microcurrent gloves are fitness for the face that will tone, lift saggy skin, and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment will restore productive dermal activity at a cellular level.

02 Infusion

Oxygen Infusion Skin Boosting Treatment

ADD ON to any treatment $35
Hydration, Brightening, Anti-Aging

Ready to step it up a level? Oxygen infusion induces production of collagen which aids in the plumping of facial features, restoring volume and firmness to any skin that has lost its elasticity. With a combination of specialized O2 serums, the face will be detoxed and the effects of stress and pollutants are reversed. A perfect add on for our Signature, Illumination, or Anti-Aging Facial.


Diamond Microdermabrasion

ADD ON to any treatment $20

Buff your skin to a glowing finish. This treatment will give a more noticeable smoother and radiant complexion as well as promote blood circulation, giving an instant glow. Best known for combatting signs of aging, diamond microdermabrasion is a five-star exfoliating treatment using a diamond-dust coated edge used to buff off and suction away dead skin cells from the skin’s surface preparing a path for better product absorption.


ADD ON to any treatment $20


Get glowing with Facial Dermaplaning. During this process, we gently remove the upper epidermis to exfoliate as well as any unwanted peach fuzz (vellus) hair leaving you with and illuminated and smooth appearance.