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Slay the Day! Cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your body with a beautification treatment designed for you.


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Tropical Cowboy

Back Facial $58


Everyone loves that look of a tropical cowboy, right? Don’t act like you don’t know what we are talking about. That smooth glowing back, we see at the beach in the summer time. yah.. that’s the one.


Let Bright Glow get you there and kick your “bacne” (back acne) to the curb once and for all. Our 60-minute session will begin with a gentle steam to help soften and prep the skin using a creamy, gentle, PH-balanced cleanser and scrub to remove any dirt as it nourishes with coconut and green tea extracts loaded with extra goodies for sensitive skin. Its minty-fresh feeling will have you on your way to becoming your very own "tropical cowboy" or cowgirl.


After your skin is prepped, the use of an ultrasonic scrubber is utilized for an effective skin cleansing through ultrasound wave technology to properly loosen, unclog, and clear any stubborn left-over debris within the pores.


Now for the good stuff! Bright Glow will then customize a treatment mask specifically tailored to your skin to lock in results preventing future unwanted blemishes that think they are going to settle back in.


We finish this course of action with our high frequency device. Energy is transferred and a thin ozone layer is created to sooth, reduce irritation and improve skin conditions as well as formally say bye-bye to bacteria left on the skin.


Pubic Party

The Facial Below the Waste 

His/Hers Va-Jacial


Pubic area facials are commonly known in the industry as "Va-Jacials" which are designed to treat hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs,  or other skin conditions in the southern region.


We begin with a dose of steam and gentle cleanse of the pubic area to open pores so that extractions are easily performed, and any ingrown hairs are removed.  A mask will then be applied to soothe the skin and draw out any further blockages or embedded hairs.


After ingrown hairs and breakouts are addressed, Bright Glow’s magic wand will be used to zap away any additional bacteria that might still be on the skin and guard against any future ingrowns before toning the area with light therapy. Lastly, a soothing cream is applied.

The Poo-Tang Steam Bath $60

Female Va-Jacial

The Sea Cucumber Soak $65

Male Va-Jacial


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Size Double 00

Toning Refresher Scrub & Body Wrap with Massage Press Technologies

75min $165

 Coming soon!!

What’s better than toning and relaxing at the same time?


If you have an achy breaky feeling in your body, this one’s for you.


Limb by limb we drape you in steamed nectar milk towels before your skin is smoothed with a warm sweet cream scrub and agave nectar oil to refine and prep your skin for the introduction of Farm House Fresh’s signature organic farm press. These organic packed pouches combine natural herbs used for arthritis, boost immunity, relieve pain and inflammation in addition to dosing your skin with Vitamin C and addition antioxidants.


Next, a firming Cactus gel warms and tones your skin as you rest in a cozy layer of linens.


A refreshing shea mousse brings a smooth end to this dry room treatment. Careful – you’ll be so relaxed you slip right out of those double 00’s

Redneck Retreat

Renewal Body Scrub & Mud Wrap
60 min $145

Coming soon!!


Take a mental stroll on down to the “Redneck Retreat” where we have combined the best of the earth and plants into a total enveloping dry room Exfoliating Renewal Mud Wrap!


During your time at the retreat your body will be kissed with a Red Arizona Montmorillonite Clay and micro pumice to completely cover your skin as we finely exfoliate the surface leaving a smooth, calming feel.  


Fun in the mud we say! as an age-old peat mud mask made with Organic Green Tea and Vitamin B5 is applied giving your body a deep drink of organic bio-nutrients that developed over thousands of years from plants and minerals in addition to balancing oils, pulling purities away transforming the look of your skin.


Once “plentifully” treated, you’re drizzled in a warm honey, aloe, and papaya fruit serum to seal in hydration and then wrapped to seal in hydration for 20 minutes.


We then conclude with an Agave Nectar Oil massage ensuring that your skin is plump full of moisture and radiantly retaining a youthful, renewed appearance.

Beach Glow

Illuminating Scrub & Body Wrap

60min $14

Coming soon!!


Are you ready for that glowy goodness?  It's Florida and we love the sun kissed look. That glow that keeps glowing on our skin after a day at the beach! The good news is that we can get that glow look minus the UV damage.


A sultry soak, scented with notes of passion fruit greets all your favorite parts with skin loving Vitamin E and Coconut oil.


Next, a rich coconut sea salt body polish gently works to remove rough, dry skin.


Now it’s “tighten-up buttercup” with a specially formulated gel to stimulate your skin, warm you up and improve elasticity while you’re wrapped up in a delightful warm caccoon.


We finish with a hint of shimmer in the form of a delicious body oil made to nourish, hydrate, and illuminate your skin.



Profesh Refresh

Ultra Hydrating Body Scrub and Wrap

60min $145

Coming Soon


Refresh you skin and satisfy hydration with a mind and body awakening treatment that brings you renewed energy to your mood.


We begin our dry room treatment with the succulent scent of ripe pears filling the air as a rice bran oil exfoliator begins to remove all your dull dry and tired skin.


A cool, refreshing Avocado mask is applied to infuse rich avocado butters full of fatty acids, moisture-locking ingredients, and a superfood skin cocktail with antioxidants, green tea, goji fruit and pomegranate. Wow! That’s a lot of hydrations. All of this bundled up in a nourishing yet sultry nectar milk wrap.


Finally, an uplifting citrus shea butter whipped up on your skin will carry you through the end of your day.


Coming Soon!!! 

Vital Waves Massage inside of Bright Glow. Keep checking to see when we launch. So many exciting things happening in 2023